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23 February 2028 @ 10:43 pm
Comment to be added...don't freak out if I don't friend you back until a year later. That's how often I update my own LJ.
21 October 2012 @ 02:27 pm

*wipes dust off LJ* So I de-lurked to post some J/I recs on het_reccers. Might as well repost them here.

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19 April 2009 @ 10:43 pm
It's been awhile so might as well update my long-neglected LJ account..Anyways..I'm just posting up a list of 5 shows that you should be watching..

Created by Joss Whedon. Eliza Dushku. Amy Acker. Helo. Interesting plot, good characters. Enough said.

Great relationship, amazing characters. This show is hilarious and yet it can pull off dramatic scenes like any other drama.

Damian Lewis stars as a cop wrongfully sent to prison for 10 years for the murder of his best friend. He then discovers the web of conspiracies within the LAPD. Will's girlfriend from season 1 also stars.

Burn Notice
This show kind of reminds me of Alias, sans the Rambaldi crap that eventually ruined the show. The cast is a lot smaller than that of Alias but the chemistry between them is equally amazing (I'm ignoring she-who-ruined-everything). The spy stuff is also more realistic.

Breaking Bad
I'll admit, the only reason I watched this show is because of the chemistry. But this show takes dark to a whole different level. The plot is not as strong as the likes of Dexter or Battlestar but the character stuff is solid.

19 June 2006 @ 10:42 pm
New vid:

No Man's Woman
Song: No Man's Woman - Sinead O'Connor
Characters: Sydney with a bit of Vaughn
Clips from seasons 1-5 (up until 'There's Only One Sydney Bristow'), finale? What finale? Do you mean 'The Telling'?
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06 June 2006 @ 09:56 pm
I was bored so I dug up some Alias wallpapers/collages that I've done.

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04 June 2006 @ 11:29 pm
Since the finals are over, I've finally seen the Alias finale. I typed this when I was half asleep so bear with me if it doesn't make sense and let the grammar slide. ;-)

My responses:

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24 May 2006 @ 07:29 pm
I couldn't be bothered to type up my response to the finale because a) I haven't seen it, b) I highly doubt it'll be any different from any of you, and c) I've got finals coming up. But some how my muse did manage to come up with some bitter!finale icons.

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03 April 2006 @ 12:11 pm
Nothing new, I'm just posting the links to my videos in one place.

Getting Away With Murder
Song: Getting Away With Murder - Papa Roach
Characters: Jack and Irina, I wouldn't say it's a shipper vid.
Clips from seasons 1-4

Anything For You
Song: Anything For You - Evanescence
Characters: Jack and Irina (shipper vid)
Clips from seasons 1-4
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24 March 2006 @ 10:32 am
Okay, I was bored so I tried my hand at icon-making again. The season 5 promo pics are from Alias-Media and season 2 Irina bases are from krisnreine

Feel free to use them, but credit please.
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02 February 2006 @ 05:08 pm
School was just a snooze fest today, the classes were just plain boring, except math.

First thing in the morning was the TOK (Theory of Knowledge; philosophy) quiz, everybody was writing around 2-3 pages, single spaced... I wrote 1 page. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to do well in it, and it is an important grade too. Blah, screw it.

History - watched the German movie, "Der Untergang". The whole class was complaining that its in German, I was just going "Well duh! Do you think the Americans or the British would make a film like this?" And now people think I'm weird because I did not flinch when this soldier shot himself in the mouth, well, I saw the movie before so I knew it would happen anyways. It's not that I'm sadistic or insensitive or anything (well, maybe a bit insensitive, ok quite insensitive).

Math - started vectors (the horror!). It wasn't that bad, and I did most of the stuff we learned today in Physics already (thank God for Kuhl's sadistic teaching nature). The highlight of the class was when this guy said "dic|<" instead of "disk" and when a Korean guy changed someone's desktop to a picture of two naked guys in a leather thong.

Physics - did the student teacher's quiz, it was easy, compared to the stuff the teacher (Kuhl) usually gives.

Today at my school we had this knowledge bowl where each grade sends in a team to compete in the knowledge bowl. The questions were mainly trivia and some academics. The weird thing was that they asked who won the Golden Globes for Best Actress, Best Comedy or Musical, and Best Drama. None of the geeks up there were able to answer that, lol. The questions were not that difficult, it was stuff like "Which country conquered Norway before Norway gained its independence?" (Sweden) and "What does CAD stand for in computer lingo?" (Computer Aided Design)

Also, for those who didn't know this already, Alias was not on ABC's line-up for March, its timeslot is taken by some show by Simon from American Idol. Anyone wants to join me in the 'ABC execs are just plain stupid' club?
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